Wake-up Call

Welcome to my online school for wellbeing.

Creating your sacred space at home

‘Me time’ is almost synonymous to spending time alone doing an activity one loves that relaxes them and quiets the mind. At home, you can create your own sacred space where you can reflect and get centred. Taking a break from the rush between work and home chores, between taking care of a family...


Daily Awareness: 5 Questions to Better Energy Flow

Feeling overwhelmed and wishing there were more hours in a day? Let us sit quietly for a moment. As you relax and breathe more deeply, ask yourself these questions to help clarify your priorities and identify where you are channeling your energy: “Be mindful of your attention and time. Your...


Working Better Together: Teaching Workplace Mindfulness

Mindfulness can be learned by anyone at their own pace. In an earlier guesting at the Gig Economy Podcast, I had mentioned that practicing mindfulness changes the way people communicate and respond to situations that happen in their everyday lives. For those in the workplace, infusing...


Memories and Milestones: A Journey to Mindfulness

At a recent get-together for Story Nights Cebu, I was given an opportunity to share a story about my experience as a first-time mom. As I took a moment to look back and think through the emotions that came with facing the unknown, I knew somehow that the place beyond the roller-coaster phase in...


The Road To Grey

Six months ago today, I finally mustered the courage to let nature take its course. I realized that this is a little step towards mindfulness. It is one area of my life that I used to feel that I needed to control or ‘fix’. The many options for hair colouring and accompanying treatments to...


Starting 2019 Learning Mindfulness

Learning Mindfulness can help you change from the inside to start effecting change on the outside. January is usually the start of new resolutions and reinforced commitments. Oftentimes, our start-of-the-year vigor fizzles out sooner than we want because of the many distractions and...