Feeling overwhelmed and wishing there were more hours in a day? Let us sit quietly for a moment. As you relax and breathe more deeply, ask yourself these questions to help clarify your priorities and identify where you are channeling your energy:

“Be mindful of your attention and time.

Your energy is a precious resource. Value it.”

- Siddharth Mishra

  1. How do you set your daily priorities? Starting my day reflecting on three key things I intend to accomplish helps me focus my attention on these things. Knowing I can say, “No,” makes a big difference in how my day is spent.
  2. Do you have an action plan for when you have interruptions? Interruptions do not go away. But you can choose to say, “Yes, interrupt me.” or “I am currently occupied, can this wait?” When you deal with face-to-face interruptions, I recommend turning your attention to the other person, looking them in the eye and asking them the question. Do not ask the question while seemingly ignoring them.

People can make room for adjustments. Realizing this gave me back the power to decide whether I welcome the distraction or not. If not, there is always a way to respond kindly.

  1. Do you feel the need to reply instantly all the time? Working with multiple instant messaging apps open, can be highly distracting. Personally, I prefer to turn off the notifications and refer to my booked appointments on my calendar. Turning on all notifications makes me want to respond to each and every ‘ding!’ and that consumes my energy and attention, both of which I could channel to what I originally intended to accomplish.
  2. How do you take a break? Step away for few moments and go to your sacred space when you need to. Put on a relaxing, meditation music and just close your eyes for a few moments to find that rest. Then begin again when you are re-charged.
  3. Are you kind to yourself? Listen to what your body is telling you. If your brain feels like it is in shreds before your morning coffee break, stop and take time to recover. Pushing yourself too hard and judging yourself consumes energy and diverts your attention to a negative state. Re-focus.

Did you notice that how you spend your time and how you spend your energy is in parallel. If you are stressed, anxious, confused or overwhelmed, your energy dips and crashes. The faster you want to complete tasks or the more frustrated you get, the faster your energy gets depleted--but then you find yourself disengaged, tired and uninspired?

We are all dealt 24 hours in a day. Where we focus our attention and how we simplify and then respond to the demands of our daily lives is how we manage our energy to make productive but balanced use of our 24 hours. Allow yourself time to integrate your daily intention with your progress and with your energy, and then listen to your inner self. Give yourself the space you need to be in the present moment. That is honoring time and timelessness. It is energizing and relaxing. It is achieving harmony and balance. It is energy and time.