‘Me time’ is almost synonymous to spending time alone doing an activity one loves that relaxes them and quiets the mind. At home, you can create your own sacred space where you can reflect and get centred. Taking a break from the rush between work and home chores, between taking care of a family and running errands, finding a quiet spot to simply ‘be present’ is a mindful step towards reconnecting with your inner self and spirit.

Here are some ideas for you to have your very own quiet space at home:

Make room. If you do not have a spare room, you can create a corner or window seat that is dedicated to self-care. I have a tepee at the corner, a rug on the floor and I added pillows, cushions and blankets to make sitting comfortable.

Sacred objects. My altar has my energy crystals, charms, incense burner, candles, singing bowl, essential oil diffuser, tarot cards and meditation frames. These help me in setting my intentions every time I meditate.

Soften. You can hang a thin curtain on the windows. It would be a great idea to feel the gentle breeze as well when you spend time in this space or even as you use the space to reflect & write or to de-stress through creative projects and activities.

Fabric. Here I arranged items on a round table that is covered with a mandala printed fabric. I add stones and wood and a small potted plant for energy and oxygen, and in order to add an earth element.

Photos. I have framed photos and cards of my teachers, or a favorite meditation piece and artfully created symbols that invite a sense of peace and harmony.

Music and books. I get inspired by meditation music and prose so I also have a shelf that has a few selected pieces that has influenced my mindfulness journey.

There are no rules on creating your sacred space. It is an expression of your uniqueness in setting your intention and practice. I am excited to spend time in this space. Learning to be still is a habit that I have cultivated over the years and has helped me gain clarity and wisdom, deepen my self-awareness, honor my uniqueness, and enjoy balance in my life. Share photos of your sacred space on Instagram @zarahwindy.